The Argo Families -- Revisited

596 pages, 7 x 10", hardcover, illustrations, index

This book is triple indexed: one with over 700 intermarrying surnames. Origin of surname with Scottish and English connections. Continental Argo surname variations. Colonial Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Delaware. Civil War Chapter with 15 Union and 23 Confederate Argo men.

Practically every state in the U.S. covered, but major geographical centers include Delaware, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and Washington.

In addition to the numerous detailed family histories and lineage charts, Chapter 4 explores the development of the Argos during Colonial and Revolutionary times. Chapter 18 is a 33 page treatise on the Civil War as lived by 15 Union and 23 Confederate Argo veterans. Appendix II-A contains a listing of 20 known Argo ministers, whereas II-B through II-K lists 108 known Argo veterans by the war in which they served.

Table of Contents:

Part One - Chapters

Part Two - Appendixes

Part Three - References

Some of the other family names in this book: Anderson, Baxter, Beauchamp, Bolt, Burton, Cannon, Chaffinch, Christian, Darby, Davis, Gleaton, Hall, Hamilton, Henderson, Hendrickson, Hignutt, Kelley, Krukow, Landreth, Lindsey, Mulholland, Noblitt, Osborne, Platt, Radtke, Ralston, Rice, Rinehart, Runyon, Sapp, Scates, Scott, Sharpe, Sissell, Smith, Smitherman, Sorrow, Spicer, Spillman, Struble, Tyler, Wade, Walden, Wales, Webb.

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