Moffitt Genealogy

Ancestors and Descendants of Hugh and Hannah (Davis) of North Carolina, 1761

564 pages, 6 x 9", illustrated, photographs indexed..

The main scope of the book is to present a scholarly approach to the research of Robert and Margaret (Stuart) Moffitt, who emigrated from Scotland to Ireland probably in the early 1700s, and their son, Hugh, who emigrated from Ireland to America in the mid-1700s, bought land in North Carolina, and married Hannah Davis. Hugh's ancestry, his birthplace (Plantation of Ulster played an important part in America's early history as it struggled to become an independent country free from England. This is the background of the Moffat/Moffitt story -- the skurling bagpipes of Scotland, the Scotch-Irish culture clash, and the time when our ancestors began their adventures in America -- which continues today with their descendants into the modern technological age of the latter part of the 20th century.

The Moffitt Genealogy contains information on the Moffats, ancient border family in Scotland in the 1500s to the newly revised present-day Clan Moffat Society of over 1,000 members worldwide.

It covers the history of Moffat/Moffitt Scotch-Irish roots. Also, it follows Robert and Margaret (Stuart) Moffitt from Scotland to Ireland, and their sons, who sailed to America. Genealogical information is given for the sons: James, Charles, William, Adam, and Hugh.

Particularly, the book focuses on Hugh Moffitt's descendants, plus additional biographical material on 154 families (including living descendants). The index includes 8,000 people with Moffitt connections, plus an indirect Moffitt-Mayflower connection.

Some other familes in this book: Alden, Babayco, Bennett, Bradford, Bradley, Brown, Clark, Covington, Crawford, Denton, Dixon, Ford, Hammans, Hendryx, Hill, Irwin, Kinsey, Ley, Matthews, Miller, Moffitt, Moore, Rains, Reeder, Sampson, Scofield, Seely, Shrader, Smith, Standish, Stockton, Walter, Wartenbe, Winters, Yenney and others.