My Swafford Ancestors

280 pages, 8 1/2 x 11" hardcover, acid free paper, 45 pictures, indexed.

The saga of the Swaffords of Bledsoe County, TN, began around 1810 when eight Swafford brothers migrated from South Carolina into the head of the Sequatchie Valley. The book contains human interest stories about these families and the way they lived. Over the years ther have been many colorful Swafford characters. Many interesting, colorful, and humorous stories contained in the book bring these characters to life. Also, the reader is provided a good insight into how the poeple of Bledsoe County lived in the 1800s and 1900s.

The author's great-grandfather, Lt Sam Swafford, was quite an independent and colorful character who fought in the Civil War and was a large landholder near Swafford Chapel. He was a civic leader who lived a long and distinguished life. The book contains many interesting true stories about Lt Sam, his wife Emmaline (Parham) Swaffard, and their children. Many other Bledsoe County residents are quoted and mentioned in the book.

In addition, the book contains the following chapters:

Some other families in this book: Allen, Alley, Ault, Britton, Brown, Capps, Cline, Devaney, Elkins, Frady, Greeson, Hale, Hamilton, Hankins, Hollomon, Holmes, Irwin, Keating, Kimbley, Lang, Lee, Messner, Minnich, Minrovic, Mullican, Narramore, Nigg, Packer, Parham, Patton, Peters, Poulson, Rauderbaugh, Record, Roberson, Robnett, Sapp, Schoolfield, Sisler, Smith, Starnes, Swafford, Taylor, Terry, Thomas, Thurman, Tollett, Umbarger, Vann, Walker, Wilson, Worthington, Zeppa and others.

What people are saying about this book:

"You have done such an excellent job of preparing 'My Swafford Ancestors.' Thank you for a job well done and for making this book available to all of us who are interested in our roots." R.C Swofford, Houston, TX

"I received my book on Saturday and I think you did a super job. I've spend all of my spare time reading it." V. Hale, Spring City, TN

"The human interest stories really make the book come alive.: T. Swafford, Tullahoma, TN

"I'm having a wonderful time reading your book. Thank you for taking the time to compile and write this tremendous family history. It's a wonderful legacy." P. Starnes, San Antonio, TX

"The book was factural, well written, interesting and very entertaining. The pictures were good, professionally laid out, and added value ot the book. After I started reading the book I could not lay it down. I highly recommend the book". I Cranwell, Pikeville, TN

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