Everyone's A Whittington

542 pages, 8 1/2 x 11", hardcover, acid free paper, fully indexed with table of contents, ink drawings.

This is a fully researched, comprehensive history of the descendants of Thomas & Martha Whittington of Bedford County, Virginia. More than twenty years of research went into this book. It includes over 5,000 names of descendants and their spouses who originally migrated to Kanawha, Mason and Putnam Counties, West Virginia and Calloway County, Missouri, as well as those who remained in Bedford County, Virginia. Almost every Whittington from Kanawha, Mason and Putnam Counties is part of this family, which has been traced to the mid-1700's. Descendants are now spread throughout the United States. This is the first genealogy of its kind to be published about this family.

Because of the marriages of the female Whittingtons, there are many other surnames included in the book. Some of the more well-known names in Kanawha, Mason, and Putnam Counties are: Atkins, Birchfield, Carpenter, Carson, Casto, Cornell, Craig, Cundiff, Cunningham, Davis, Fisher, Fowler, Frye, Garrison, Henry, Hull, Jividen, Johns, Johnson, King, Love, Martin, Oldaker, Parcell, Parsons, Reed, Reedy, Runnion/Runyon, Spradling, Thornton, Trador, Tucker, Walters, Wears, Young and many more. Those most well-known in Bedford County are: Alcock, Alford, Garrett, Kabler, Overstreet, Scott and Spradling.

This beautiful 8-1/2" X 11" hard-cover book has 542 pages, including a table of contents and complete index. The book begins with a chapter on Thomas & Martha Whittington followed by a separate chapter dedicated to each of their ten children, along with descendants, identified by generation. The book includes chronological records of the early family and transcripts of their court documents, (i.e. wills, estate inventories, etc.), historical information about Bedford County and the West Virginia counties, key events of the 1700's, 1800's, 1900's and 2000's, family stories, personal information where known, and pages at the back for recording and continuing the purchaser's family line, along with that of a spouse, if desired. There are several ink drawings of relevant sites, including Whittington Castle in England. This book will last for generations. Copies have already been purchased by major libraries known for their large genealogy collections.

This is a limited edition printing. Once the supply is exhausted, future printings, if any, will depend upon demand.

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